Review by author Heather MacDonald-Archer featured in anthology The Whole She-Bang

PTSD Poems to Slay Demons, by Robin L Harvey

This author does indeed slay demons – and perhaps dragons, too – in this collection of poems. She manages to hit the bullseye on the full board of human emotion, tracing the pain of anguish, hurt and grief. Nothing is sacred or safe from her pen when it comes to shaping her words to fit her feelings. It is a joy to read, a roller-coaster of sensations, fear and enlightenment. Her raw emotion is like a surging river; beautiful words of heartbreak and disappointment that speak of dealings with humans that have shaped and affected her life.
There is some revenge in her intent to deal with these emotions, but mostly the work speaks of a disappointment in human nature; poems that speak of unimaginable hurt, longing, love and injuries to the soul.
What better way to tackle the slings and arrows of life’s traumas than through words. In ‘Poems to Slay Demons’ the author has done just that, articulately sharing with us her most intimate raw feelings in tight and sculpted prose. No more words than necessary, just enough.
The book is a look into a soul that has managed to articulate and put into perspective many of life’s nasty surprises and unseen wounds. A most worthy read.